Overwatch Sprinkles Mei Revealed for Summer Games 2021


Sprinkles Mei will release tomorrow in the 2021 Summer Games Event / Photo by Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch’s Summer Games event returns tomorrow which means Blizzard Entertainment has begun revealing the event-themed skins, amongst them is a Mei skin. Here is the Sprinkles Mei skin revealed for the Summer Games 2021.

The new skin can be found in the Summer Games event’s loot boxes or be bought for 3,000 credits. Overwatch credits can be obtained via loot boxes which can be either bought or are awarded from loot boxes due to leveling up — if the player receives a duplicate. 

Overwatch’s Summer Games event begins tomorrow and will end on Aug. 10, giving players a total of 20 days to obtain the Mermaid Symmetra skin alongside other goodies, skins and cosmetics.

Alongside Ashe and Symmetra, Mei has also received a Legendary skin of her own.

Mei is usually decked out in an arctic appropriate fur parka but this new skin throws out that appropriateness in favor of style. Mei has a bright red skirt coupled with suspenders, a button-up white top, and an eye-catching bow tie. Mei’s usual dark hair has been changed into a retro blonde pin curl and the iconic soda fountain hat. 

One thing to note on this new Mei skin is the amount of detail put into it. Her leggings have sprinkles on them, on par with the ice cream motif and her loyal little robot, Snowball, has been made into a sundae. Mei’s weapon also too received some detailing as it was made to look like a soft-serve ice cream machine.

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