How to Get Early Access to MLB The Show 21

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Here’s how to get early access to MLB The Show 21. / MLB

Here’s how to get early access to MLB The Show 21.

Fans are still eager to get in early on the latest MLB game release. Fortunately, while the early access period has already kicked off, there’s still a chance to enjoy what’s left of its glory. All it will cost is a few extra bucks and a quick search through their chosen platform’s store.

The only way to get early access to MLB The Show 21 is to purchase the Jackie Robinson special edition of the game. Fortunately, fans can still get ahold of it ahead of the official release from most major retailers. It comes in both digital download and physical versions. However, given that fans only have just over one full day of early access left, we recommend the digital.

Those who already have this edition are allowed four full days of early access starting on April 16. MLB The Show 21 releases for everyone else on April 20—including those currently subscribed to Xbox Game Pass. They might have escaped the extra charge, but that doesn’t mean they get all the perks for free.

MLB The Show 21 is currently only available on consoles such as the Xbox One, Series S/X, and PlayStation 4/5.

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